DMPC decisions

Responsible for the totality of policing in London, the Mayor takes significant decisions relating to the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC). He must issue Police and Crime Plans for London and can choose to appoint or remove some of the most senior MPS officers. Other powers have been delegated to his Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime (‘DMPC’) and senior managers at MOPAC and the MPS.

The DMPC will approve all significant MPS and MOPAC policies and strategies and take many of the large financial decisions for both organisations. He will also take all decisions which are considered to be of significant public interest, are contentious or novel. The MOPAC scheme of delegation can be found here and contains further information on who will take decisions and how they will be taken.

The Mayor has pledged to uphold the highest standards of transparency and openness in the way that he makes decisions and spends public money, and MOPAC must publish information that it considers necessary to enable persons living within London to assess the MOPAC’s performance in exercising its functions. All decisions taken by the Mayor and DMPC in line with the scheme of delegation will be published on the MOPAC website.

Decisions can be viewed by month on the left hand side under relevent folders.

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