London Crime Reduction Board

Introduction to the LCRB

The London Crime Reduction Board (LCRB) was established in 2010 as a means of rationalising a plethora of pan-London partnership boards. Its underlying principle is to improve accountability between partners through the delivery of an agreed partnership strategic plan.

The LCRB meets quarterly and carries out a number of functions including:

  • reviewing high-level intelligence on crime and public concerns about safety and agreeing pan-London policing and crime priorities
  • establishing shared priorities for pan-London approaches, where these can demonstrably add value to the work of local partnership activity
  • providing a consultative link with central government departments on crime strategy development
  • identifying and resolving barriers to delivering a co-ordinated approach to the crime and disorder agenda within London

The LCRB's Terms of Reference are available to download below.

    LCRB Membership

    The board comprises:

    • Mayor of London, Boris Johnson
    • Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Stephen Greenhalgh
    • Three London Council Leaders (currently Westminster, Haringey and Hackney). The Commissioner (MPS) attends the meeting as their policing advisor.     
    • The MPS Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner acts as technical adviser to the board and also attends. The Board meets quarterly.

    LCRB priorities

    The LCRB has identified three issues where joint planning and delivery are currently key to London:

    • tackling gangs
    • tackling anti-social behaviour
    • reducing re-offending

    Upcoming LCRB meeting dates

    Monday 24th March 2014

    Monday 9th June 2014

    Monday 15th September 2014


    Minutes of previous LCRB meetings can be found below


    Delivery Management Group (DMG)

    A multi-agency chief officer group supports the LCRB. The strategic aim of the DMG is to deliver the priorities of the LCRB in reducing ASB, crime and reoffending by maximising the capabilities of partners through coordinated delivery.

    Further information

    For further information please contact:
    Tony Hawker

    Tel: 020 7983 5694

    Mayor’s Office of Policing and Crime
    2nd Floor City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, More London, London SE1 2AA