About MOPAC's people

At 30 September 2013, MOPAC had 76 members of staff. A staff structure chart is available here.

45 (59%) staff members are female, 20 (26%) are of an ethnic minority, and 4 (5%) are disabled.

Further information about senior MOPAC employees is available here.

The Senior Management Team

  • Chief Operating Officer – Helen Bailey
  • Director of Strategy - Rebecca Lawrence
  • Director of Integrated Offender Management, Programmes and Neighbourhoods - Marie Snelling
  • Director of Audit, Risk and Assurance – Julie Norgrove

Non-executive advisors

  • Advisor for Change - Faith Boardman
  • Advisor for Procurement - Jeremy Mayhew
  • Advisor for Property - Jonathan Glanz
  • Advisor for Neighbourhoods - Steve O’Connell

Expenses claimed by Non-Executive Advisors for the financial year 2012/13 (to end of December 2013): Nil

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