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Energy Planning - GLA Guidance on preparing energy assessments

April 2015

Policy 5.2 of the London Plan requires each major development proposal to submit a detailed energy assessment.

The purpose of an energy assessment is to demonstrate that climate change mitigation measures are integral to the scheme’s design and evolution, and that they are appropriate to the context of the development.

The GLA provides guidance for developers and their advisers on preparing energy assessments to accompany strategic planning applications. Each assessment is required to demonstrate how the targets for regulated CO2 emission reductions over and above 2013 Building Regulations will be met using the Mayor’s energy hierarchy.

As outlined in the Sustainable Design and Construction SPG, since 6 April 2014, the Mayor has applied a 35 per cent carbon reduction target beyond Part L 2013 of the Building Regulations - this is deemed to be broadly equivalent to the 40 per cent target beyond Part L 2010 of the Building Regulations, as set out in London Plan Policy 5.2 for 2013-2016. 

On 25 March 2015, the Government confirmed its policy to limit local energy requirements for residential development and continue to support low carbon infrastructure. The Mayor has considered the Government’s intentions regarding energy performance standards and its support for energy infrastructure and considers his energy targets within his energy hierarchy to be in line with this approach. It encourages developers to make carbon savings on-site, firstly through demand reduction. These reductions are in line with the Government’s preferred maximum energy requirement (19 per cent reduction beyond Part L 2013 (Code 4) equivalent). The remaining energy savings are met through low carbon infrastructure, either on-site or off-site. The targets in the London Plan will therefore continue to be applied in line with the energy hierarchy, across both residential and non-domestic development until the implementation of zero carbon policies in 2016.

This update to the last version of the energy planning guidance (published in April 2014) contains additional text around CHP and overheating and a number of changes to technical requirements. These should be applied to all Stage 1 applications received by the Mayor on or after 7 April 2015.