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All London Green Grid SPG

16 March 2012

All London Green Grid Supplementary Planning Guidance has now been published.

The All London Green Grid takes the principles of the East London Green Grid and applies them across London.

  • The concept of a “green grid” – an integrated network of green and open spaces together with the Blue Ribbon Network of rivers and waterways – is at the centre of the London Plan’s approach to the provision, enhancement and management of green infrastructure (Policy 2.18). This network of spaces functions best when designed and managed as an interdependent ‘grid’.
  • The ALGG SPG aims to promote the concept of green infrastructure, and increase its delivery by boroughs, developers, and communities, by describing and advocating an approach to the design and management of green and open spaces to deliver hitherto unrealised benefits. These benefits include sustainable travel, flood management, healthy living, and creating distinctive destinations; and the economic and social uplift these support.

It is available in pdf and rtf (text only) files to download below.  Also below is the Mayor’s response to the comments received during the consultation on the draft document.

If you would like to order a copy please fill in the order form linked below and email it to or send it to:

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