Earl's Court and West Kensington Opportunity Area

The London Plan identifies Earl's Court and West Kensington as an Opportunity Area. Opportunity Areas are the capital’s major reservoir of brownfield land with significant capacity to accommodate new housing, commercial and other development linked to existing or potential improvements to public transport accessibility.

The Earl’s Court and West Kensington Opportunity Area Joint Supplementary Planning Document is being prepared to guide development in the Opportunity Area. It is being produced in partnership with Hammersmith and Fulham Council, Kensington and Chelsea Council and Transport for London. It is intended that the document will be adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document to each council's Core Strategy and published as an Opportunity Area Planning Framework that will provide Supplementary Planning Guidance to the London Plan.

The First Draft of the document was subject to public consultation for six weeks between 11 March 2011 and 26 April 2011. The Revised Draft SPD (November 2011) builds on the First Draft SPD and where appropriate reflects the comments made. The Revised Draft SPD will be subject to public consultation for six weeks between 11 November 2011 and 23 December 2011. Following this second round of consultation the comments made will be considered and the document revised as appropriate, after which it will be published.

The document and related documents are available for inspection at City Hall from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday during the consultation period. The related documents comprise: Earl's Court and West Kensington Opportunity Area Revised Draft for Public Consultation Report; The Sustainability Appraisal; The Equality Impact Assessment; The Statement of Consultation; The Consultation Summary Report; The Consultation Responses Schedule; The Character Area Analysis; The Townscape and Visual Analysis; The Edges Study; The Development Capacity Scenarios; The Office Study (2011); The Retail Need Assessment (2010); The Ecological Aspirations Report (2010); The Decentralised Energy Feasibility Study (2011); The LBHF Estates Regeneration Economic Appraisal (2011); The Transport Study Review; and The Viability Review.

The document, related documents and details of how to comment can be found below or on the Hammersmith and Fulham Council and Kensington and Chelsea Council websites:



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