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Mayor’s housing covenant

On 28 September 2012, the Mayor of London launched his new Housing Covenant, based on the idea that those who contribute to London’s success should benefit from that success. In the long tradition of the house building programmes of the London County Council and private sector entrepreneurs such as George Peabody, the Mayor is making a new offer to these households; a new covenant – in return for their hard work for London’s economy, he will improve their housing offer. 

To date, the Mayor has launched three Housing Covenant programmes:

  • Homes for working Londoners
  • Care and supported housing fund
  • Making the private rented sector work for Londoners
Find out about these programmes below

Making the private rented sector work for Londoners

On 13 December 2012, the third Housing Covenant programme was launched. Focusing on the private rented sector, the programme highlights the importance of private renting to London’s economy and housing market, while recognising that the sector is growing and that more consistent standards are required.

Private Rented Sector covenant PDf (opens in new window)

The programme includes a new London Rental Standard , proposals to boost custom-built private rented homes, and a pilot to trial longer tenancies for families.

This consultation closed on 15 February 2013. We are currently analysing responses and will publish a consultation report shortly.  

The Mayor’s Care and Supported Housing Fund

On the 26 October 2012 the Mayor launched his new Care and Support Specialised Housing Fund of up to £60 million. The fund is aimed at encouraging the development of new homes that provide specialised housing for London’s older people and disabled adults.

Read more about the Care and Support Specialised Housing Fund

Homes for working Londoners

On 28 September 2012 the Mayor launched a new housing covenant to provide homes for working Londoners. This came in two parts with up to £100m of capital investment and a commitment to improve working Londoner’s intermediate housing options through deregulating the market and cutting red tape.

Read more about the £100m capital investment and download the funding prospectus