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London Housing Design Guide

19 August 2010

The Mayor is committed not just to delivering more homes in London, but also to improving the quality of our homes. The London Development Agency has published the new London Housing Design Guide, which sets a new benchmark for housing design in London. All housing built on London Development Agency land is expected to meet these standards. The standards will also start to be applied to housing schemes applying for funding from the London Homes and Communities Agency from April 2011. 

The guide has been compiled after extensive consultation on a draft guide launched by the Mayor in July 2009. It clarifies, consolidates and sets new minimum space standards in a number of key policy areas. It promotes better neighbourhoods, high environmental standards, better accessibility and better design and includes new minimum standards for the amount of floor space and private outdoor space, as well as guidance on natural light and ceiling heights. The London Housing Strategy requires all homes developed with public funding to deliver high quality in line with the guide from 2011.

London Housing Design Guide PDF


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

At last! London needs to keep pushing to increase the minimum space requirements so that we build in increased long term flexibility of our housing stock. Also when will developers be told to stop building pointless one bedroom apartments!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

is this the current standards?

it says august 2010. has there been any change after this?