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Housing in London 2012

20 December 2012

Housing in London is the evidence base for the Mayor's London Housing Strategy. The Mayor formally adopted his London Housing Strategy in February 2010 and in December 2011 he consulted on proposals for a new Strategy.

Housing in London is divided into two sections, reflecting the thematic chapters of the public consultation draft of the new London Housing Strategy:

  • People: This section covers demographic pressures, housing affordability, the wider housing market, mobility and housing need.
  • Places: This covers housing supply, empty homes, the private rented sector, decent homes, accessible housing, energy efficiency and fuel poverty.

Three appendices follow. The first includes general contextual and historical information about housing in London, the second provides notes and sources for each chart or map, and the third briefly summarises available measures of housing supply. All data in this document was the latest available as of late 2012.

This edition of Housing in London is the latest in a series, with previous editions available from the Mayor's publications - Housing page.

Any comments on this edition or suggestions for future versions are welcomed and should be emailed to