London Health Board

The London Health Board is a non-statutory group chaired by the Mayor of London comprising elected leaders and key London professional health leads. It was set up in 2013 and has been refocused in light of the London Health Commission's Better Health for London report and the NHS Five Year Forward View. The refocused London Health Board board met for the first time in March 2015 and will meet quarterly.

Membership is made up of three parts: three Leaders of London local authorities, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor and three senior representatives from the Health Sector in the capital from NHS England, Public Health England, and the London-wide Clinical Commissioning Council – representing London Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).


The Board will drive improvements in London’s health, care and health inequalities where political engagement at this level can uniquely make a difference.  It will seek ways of giving additional impetus to progress the ambition to make London the healthiest global city. The Board will make the case for investment, power and freedoms to enable the improvement of health and care services and the wider determinants of health in London.  It will consider ways of supporting and accelerating the transformation of health and care services in the capital.  The Board will champion public participation in health and an increase in choice and accountability in health and care services.

The Board agreed terms of reference at the first meeting. LHB terms of reference March 2015.pdf

Better Health for London: Next Steps

The Board will support the follow up from the London Health Commission Better Health for London report. The partners have worked together to produce the Better Health for London Next Steps which sets out how partners will come together to outline how, individually and collaboratively, they will work towards London becoming the world's healthiest major city.

Read Better Health for London Next Steps



For more information including the minutes and papers of the meetings from 2013 to 2014 please visit the London Health Board website.



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