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Find out how the strategy was developed

The GLA has worked with a wide range of stakeholders to develop this strategy. Our work in London is set against the backdrop of a national programme to reduce health inequalities, which ran to 2010, and has developed at the same time as the Marmot review of health inequalities in England post 2010. It is based on the best available evidence and over 600 organisations were engaged during its development.

The stages of this process are outlined below, along with links to key publications:

  1. London Health Inequalities Strategy (PDF version)
    London Health Inequalities Strategy (RTF version)
  2. First Steps to Delivery (PDF version)
    First Steps to Delivery (RTF version)
  3. In January 2010, the London Assembly published their response to the Mayor's draft Health Inequalities Strategy:
  4. In September 2009, the GLA published the draft London Health Inequalities strategy and embarked on extensive consultation. The consultation draft yielded an unusually lively response with 95 organisations responding by email or letter and another 54 filling out the online questionnaire. These responses are highly valued and have helped shape the final strategy and delivery plan:
  5. Integrated Impact Assessment for the HIS (July 2009) (PDF version)
  6. Draft for London Assembly and functional bodies
  7. In May 2007, the GLA commissioned Skyers-Poorman Research and Consulting to undertake a programme of outreach with local organisations, to find out their views on health inequalities in London, and collate the findings from this exercise:
  8. A call for evidence was made to 600 community and voluntary sector organisations in addition to commissioned outreach work. An updated evidence report will be made available shortly:
  9. An issues and options paper was compiled by the GLA requesting stakeholders to feedback on whether they felt the proposals reflected the priorities in London:
  10. The consultation feedback report was published in April 2010 and explains the methodology used in the strategy:
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