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Tackling London’s health inequalities

London can and should be a place where everyone is able to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. However, Londoners experience stark and unacceptable differences in their wellbeing and longevity.

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The latest life expectancy and infant mortality figures show that while London is ahead of New York, we are behind other great cities including Paris, Sydney and Tokyo.

We published the first London Health Inequalities Strategy, a statutory requirement under the GLA Act 2007, in 2010. In setting out how we will tackle health inequalities in London, the strategy has five core objectives:

  • To empower individuals and communities to improve health and well-being
  • To improve access to high quality health and social care services particularly for Londoners who have poor health outcomes
  • To reduce income inequality and the negative consequences of relative poverty
  • To increase the opportunities for people to access the potential benefits of good work and other meaningful activity
  • To develop and promote London as a healthy place for all

Delivery plans

To ensure the Health Inequalities Strategy delivers on its aims, we are producing a rolling series of delivery plans. This is the first revised Mayor’s Health Inequalities Strategy delivery plan for 2015 to 2018.  Read the Delivery Plan here.

This delivery plan was informed by the recommendations in the London Health Commission Inquiry. It also includes a summary of GLA led work on health inequalities to date, a description of the new health landscape and levers for reducing health inequalities in addition to an indicator set to help express and understand changes around health inequalities going forward.

The Mayor’s Health Inequality Strategy Delivery Plan 2015-2018 Indicator Report explains the background to the indicators that we will be publishing annually to measure health inequalities. It also explains why these were chosen and their source. Read the Indicator Report here.

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London Health Inequalities Strategy PDF (opens in new window)

London Health Inequalities Strategy RTF (opens in new window)

First Steps to Delivery PDF (opens in new window)

First Steps to Delivery RTF (opens in new window)

Read the London Assembly's response to the Mayor's draft Health Inequalities Strategy

'One Year On' report

Find out what has been done in the year since the Health Inequalities Strategy was first published:

Health Inequalities Strategy One Year On PDF (opens in new window)

Health Inequalities Strategy One Year On RTF (opens in new window)

Supporting documents

Review of evidence for the Mayor's Health Inequalities Strategy PDF (opens in new window)

Summary of evidence from the Strategic Review of Health Inequalities in England post-2010 (The Marmot Review) RTF (opens in new window)

Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives Action Plan for London (November 2008) RTF (opens in new window)

Delivery Plan Policy Papers

Early Years Interventions to address Health Inequalities in London – the Economic Case PDF (opens in new window)

Read the background and download all versions of the Early Interventions report

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