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Helping Londoners to better mental health

Helping Londoners to better mental health

We are putting mental health firmly at the heart of our plans to improve Londoners’ wellbeing.

In any given year, an estimated 1 in 4 individuals will experience a diagnosable mental health condition.  A third of these will experience two or more conditions at once. Mental ill health impacts every aspect of a person’s life, from their happiness to their relationships, their ability to succeed at work and school, and the opportunity to live the lives they want to live. Across the population, the net effects of these wider impacts substantially affect London’s economy, infrastructure and population. Because of this, mental health is not simply an issue for health and social care. It is an issue for everyone.

London Mental Health: The invisible costs of mental ill health

Unfortunately, mental ill health remains one of the least understood of all health problems, and stigma stops people from addressing it.  It is time London faced up to mental ill health and the effects it has on our community. To that end, the Mayor has developed the report, London Mental Health: The invisible costs of mental ill health.

The report seeks to shed light on the scope and scale of mental ill health in London, to highlight the wider impacts beyond those to health and social care.  These wider impacts result in around £26 billion each year in total economic and social costs to London and impact every facet of our community. 

Read the report to find out just how much mental illness is affecting London.

Getting ahead: Why mental health matters at work

Mind and the Mayor of London has invited a range of senior business leaders who have shown a positive stance around mental health to contribute to a collection of thought-pieces on why mental health is a leadership issue for London.  The essays help make the case that promoting good mental health in the workplace is good for business productivity and promote action by London employers to improve employee mental health and wellbeing through the workplace environment.

These leaders come from a variety of industries across the private, public and voluntary sectors and include senior figures with and without lived experience of mental health problems.

Read the report to hear from the employers on why mental health at work matters

What else we are doing to help people to better mental health?

We want to see a positive shift in the way we think about mental health. Some of the areas we will be working on include:

  • participating in the Pan-London Dementia Action Alliance and the Local Authority Mental Health Challenge
  • working with a wide range of partners to influence national mental health policy
  • supporting and influencing health, public health and social care providers to improve the quality and availability of services
  • working with NHS London and boroughs to support young people at risk of mental health problems
  • leading the way by making sure that the Greater London Authority looks after the mental health of its staff.