Black, Asian and ethnic minorities

London is truly ‘the world under one roof’.

  • More than 40 large communities are of people born outside Britain
  • More than a third of Londoners are from black, Asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Londoners speak over 300 different languages.

Black, Asian and minority ethnic Londoners help to make London a dynamic city. However, shocking differences in wealth, poverty and life expectancy show that not all Londoners benefit from the city’s success.

We cannot tolerate a city where your family origins or your skin colour could affect your life chances or the way you are treated. Racial discrimination and prejudice have no place in London.

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The Assessment of the GLA's Impact on Race Equality forms part of the GLA’s response to the Equality Act 2010. The Assessment seeks to review the effect the GLA’s policies and practices have had, or will have, in furthering the aims of the general duty in respect of race equality. It documents the demographics of London’s diverse population, evidence of racial inequalities and how the Mayor is addressing them and the way forward.

See these reports for information about race equality in London: