Managing climate risks and increasing resilience

Our climate is already changing and further changes are expected. Together, we need to prepare for warmer, wetter winters, hotter, drier summers and more frequent extreme weather. Timely action will not only manage the risk of climate driven impacts, but will bring positive benefits, including jobs, investment, economic security and a better quality of life.  

A strategic approach to managing climate risks

To maintain London as one of the best big cities in the world, we need to ensure we can cope with extreme weather events today and that we plan for future long-term changes. This means that the city’s infrastructure, buildings and services must be resilient and that we have tried and tested emergency plans to manage extreme situations that may be beyond our normal capacity to cope. It also means that communities and individuals at risk are aware of the risks they face, know how to help themselves and are able to do so.

In October 2011, the Mayor published his climate change adaptation strategy, Managing risks and increasing resilience.  This looks at the climate risks we face today and analyses how they are likely to change over the century as the climate changes. It then details the actions needed to help manage extreme weather today and the impacts of longer-term climate change in the future.

A key focus of the strategy is ensuring that our buildings are comfortable, affordable and sustainable.  As 80 per cent of the buildings we will be living and working in by the middle of the century are already with us, it is important that we adapt these to serve us well in the future. Retrofitting our buildings to be energy efficient, water efficient and climate resilient is therefore a key challenge. We also need to increase the quantity, quality, interconnectivity and performance of our green spaces to keep us cool in the summer and dry in wet weather.  

Download the documents

To download the strategy and supporting documents, visit the Managing risks and increasing resilience: climate change adaptation strategy publication page.