Doing your bit

Small changes in our everyday behaviour can make big differences to London’s environment. Below are a few ways in which Londoners can improve air quality, enhance their health, save money and help tackle climate change.

At home

  • Turn down the central heating when possible.
  • Install home energy efficiency measures.
  • Avoid installing polluting wood-burning stoves.
  • Avoid burning garden or domestic waste, especially in urban areas.

On the move

  • Use public transport rather than the car wherever possible.
  • Walk or cycle for short journeys, instead of using the car.
  • Use eco-driving techniques to reduce your fuel use.
  • Ensure your car is not wasting fuel, by regularly checking oil and tyre levels.
  • If you are buying a car:
    • Avoid older diesel cars, as they tend to be more polluting than petrol models.
    • Buy the most efficient and cleanest vehicle that you can, look for the car’s Euro standard – this is the air pollution standard that the vehicle was constructed to meet, ranging from Euro 1 (worst) to Euro 5 (best).
    • Consider purchasing an electric car and benefit from road tax and congestion charge exemption, cheaper fuel costs and government subsidies.

At work

  • Buy or hire the cleanest vehicles available.
  • Develop travel plans to encourage employees to use public transport, walk or cycle.
  • If employees have to drive as part of their jobs, organise eco-driving training for them.
  • Install workplace energy efficiency measures.
  • Freight operators are encouraged to sign up to TfL's Freight Operator Recognition Scheme.