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The Mayor's environment plans (with video)

Watch a short video on how the Mayor looks after London's environment

Our film takes a look at how we are working to improve London across a range of areas. Watch the full film or one of the shorter films to find out about::-

Environment strategies

The Mayor has strategies for London’s air quality, water, waste and climate change.  To find out more about the individual strategies, see the links below:

Air quality 

London's air quality is improving, but we can still do more. Clearing the Air describes how we will make London’s air even cleaner.


The Mayor’s Water strategy is Securing London’s Water Future. With the city accommodating more people than ever, we’re using more water. Changes in the weather and climate mean there are times when we have far too much or too little rain. To cope with this, the strategy details a six step plan to help London use less water, and deal with flooding.


The Mayor has two waste strategies. The Municipal Waste Management Strategy explains how we’re helping households and boroughs reduce, reuse and recycle their waste. The Mayor’s Business Waste Management Strategy shows how we’re helping businesses reuse, recycle and compost more, and make money from managing waste.

Climate change

We know that our climate is changing. We’ll have warmer, wetter winters and hotter, drier summers in future. We’ll also have extreme weather like heavy rainfall and heatwaves more often. The Mayor has two climate change strategies to cope with this. Managing Risks and Increasing Resilience explains what we’re doing to help London cope with these changes. Delivering London’s Energy Future describes what we’re doing to stop climate change getting even worse.

How we work in London

We work with lots of people and organisations in London to create a healthy environment. You will see on these pages who we work with and how.