Climate change and weather

Climate change is the biggest threat to the future development of human civilisation and poses a huge challenge for cities like London.

Climate change presents two challenges: reducing our emissions to limit further climate change, and adapting to the changes that are inevitable. They are two sides of the same coin and the Mayor is committed to tackling both in parallel.

Londoners do not have to reduce their standard of living for London to play its part in tackling climate change, but we do all have to change the way we live. We have to move from a high energy-using, wasteful economic model to one that conserves energy and minimises waste. In other words we have to be more efficient. To meet the challenges and responsibility of tackling climate change, we’re working on achieving big reductions in London’s carbon emissions through a number of major programmes. Our ambition is for London to become a low carbon economy.

“London has an unrivalled opportunity to benefit from the shift to a low carbon economy. The time for trials and experiments is over - we are putting in place large scale programmes that can deliver significant CO2 reductions and billions of pounds of energy savings.”
Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

We’re committed to:

  • achieving a 60% reduction in London’s CO2 by 2025
  • ensuring 25% of London’s energy is delivered through more efficient decentralised energy by 2025
  • improving the energy efficiency of London’s homes and buildings
  • reducing emissions from transport
  • capturing the environmental and economic benefits of making London a low carbon city.