Reducing waste

We are committed to reducing as much waste as possible as often as possible.

Reducing waste is the vital first step. This saves money and improves efficiency and means we have to spend less time, energy and resources dealing with waste – because there is less of it in the first place.

Key actions to reduce waste in London

We commissioned research into key actions to reduce waste in London, to help us update our waste management strategy and develop a Londonwide campaign on waste reduction. The study focuses on identifying the most effective initiatives householders and businesses can undertake to prevent waste.

Helping you reduce

The Mayor’s Recycle for London programme runs campaigns to promote and encourage waste reduction across the capital. Recycle for London is focusing on reduction of food waste. For example, in November 2011 Recycle for London is funding at least 21 London boroughs to run food waste reduction awareness events, such as cooking demonstrations using leftover food. This forms part of a Londonwide Love Food Hate Waste campaign, which offers practical tips to help you reduce your food waste.
To find out more about their waste reduction campaigns, visit the Recycle for London website.

The average UK household could save £50 of food a month by taking steps to tackle the food waste problem. Just think what you could do with that extra money.