We are working with the water companies and other partners to look after London’s water – managing its supply and demand, its disposal and use with care, responsibility and inventiveness in our long-term interests.

“My goal for London is to ensure that it meets the highest environmental standards to preserve and protect our citizens’ quality of life, leading the world in its approach to tackling the challenges of the 21st century. And nowhere is this more vital than in the safeguarding of the capital’s water resources in the face of a steadily growing population, a more competitive global business environment and a changing climate.”
Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Our water’s precious. We want to make sure there’s enough of it for all of us in London, that none of us wastes it, that we deal with it responsibly and put it to as many good uses as we can.

It’s about working together with all concerned to manage London’s:

  • Water supply;
  • Water demand;
  • Rainwater and drainage;
  • Wastewater.

In August 2009, the GLA commissioned an independent Sustainability Appraisal for the London Water Strategy.

Find out more about our vision and strategy for water use in London.