Greening the BIDs

Urban greening and green infrastructure are cost-effective ways of increasing environmental and economic resilience to ensure London remains a great city in which to live, work and invest. Urban greening measures can help reduce the urban heat island effect and surface water flooding, as well as improve the experience of the urban environment for residents, businesses and wildlife.

In order to catalyse urban greening in central London, the Greater London Authority has supported green infrastructure audits to identify opportunities for increasing green cover in 15 central London Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) or employer groups. Reports for participating BIDs and employer groups are listed at the bottom of the page and the links to their websites can be found from clicking on the map below.

In total over 500 hectares have been audited, which identified the potential for over 300 rain gardens, 200 green walls and more than 100 hectares of green roofs, as well as other small scale interventions such as planters and window boxes.

We are now working with the BIDs/employer groups to support the delivery of projects identified in the green infrastructure audits. To date the ‘Greening the BIDs’ project has successfully generated interest in and awareness of urban greening. This in turn encourages businesses to invest in green infrastructure as part of their longer-term refurbishments and regeneration strategies.

The Greening the BIDs project is co-ordinated by the Cross River Partnership.