Trees for people and communities

In order to thrive, trees must be valued by the local community. If the benefits of trees are clear, people will want to plant, care for, protect and conserve their local trees.

What we are doing:

  • We have worked with Neighbourhoods Green on a Tree Management Toolkit for social landlords. Housing providers manage significant amounts of green space and are legally responsible for thousands of trees. The toolkit brings together key information, with a framework for tree surveys, templates for tree policies and tips for involving residents.
  • We have provided financial incentives and practical hands-on advice to support community projects through schemes such as the Forestry Commission’s London Tree & Woodland Community Grant Scheme.
  • Through the Woodland Trust, offer web-based advice on how to plant trees; how to volunteer and where to enjoy and appreciate London’s trees and woodlands.
  • We have recognised the contribution made by organisations, communities and individuals through the RE:LEAF Awards.

What we aim to do:

  • Increase the number of Tree Wardens through the tree council, so that all local communities have tree champions providing a focus for the RE:LEAF London campaign.
  • Continue the London Tree and Woodland Community Grant Scheme.
  • Enable Londoners to participate in annual mass tree-planting and seed gathering events. We aim to have at least one mass tree planting event each year and will promote an annual London seed-gathering season in early autumn.
  • Support the establishment of 100 community tree nurseries across London.
  • Further increase the tree cover in the priority areas identified through the Mayor's Street Trees programme. We will do this by giving residents the chance to acquire trees to plant in their gardens or community spaces and to provide advice on how and where to plant.