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Dollis Valley Greenwalk

London Borough of Barnet

The part of the Dollis Valley Greenwalk being helped by the Mayor’s programme is within Barnet. The Greenwalk passes through a number of open spaces. Many of the entrances are currently overgrown with fallen trees, while graffiti detracts from the area.

How the park has been improved

Dollis Valley Greenwalk: New entrance; Restored ponds

The aim for Dollis Valley Greenwalk was to improve the access to and quality of the river and ponds at Brent Park, improve signage and entrances and improve facilities for visitors.

The Mayor helped to fund improvements including:

  • New signage;
  • Restored footpaths and footbridges;
  • Improved entrances;
  • Two significantly improved play areas;
  • Restoration of water and re-landscaping of the ponds at Brent Park.


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