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2012/13 Employability Performance Rating

 The rating system awards a star rating based on three key areas: delivery performance, quality and contract compliance.

The Employability Performance Rating is an annual rating and each grant holder has been awarded between zero and four stars.

Please note all grants allocated a zero star in 2012/2013 are delivering for the GLA ESF 2011-2013 Youth Programme which was commissioned in Summer 2012; although profiled to deliver from October 2012 grant holders experienced delays in start-up that impacted on their rating.

Greater London Authority grants: 2012/2013 Employability Performance Rating

4 star

3 star 2 star 1 star 0 star

Mace Construction Employer Accord

Lakehouse Construction Employer Accord

Cross River Partnership (prime) Construction Employer Accord

Groundwork Host Borough Skills & Employment

3SC Integr8


LB Camden and LB Islington  Construction Employer Accord

LB Barking & Dagenham  Host Borough Skills and Employment

Ingeus Reach West London

Leonard Cheshire Disability  Work Smart London


LB Newham Host Borough Skills and Employment

LB Greenwich Host Borough Skills & Employment

LB Ealing (prime) Reach West London

NACRO In Touch


LB Waltham Forest Host Borough Skills and Employment

LB Hackney  Host Borough Skills & Employment

Seetec (prime) 2012 Employment Legacy

NACRO In Touch


Prevista RATED


LB Hackney (prime) Host Borough Skills & Employment

Remploy Pathways to Positive Future




LB Tower Hamlets Host Borough Skills & Employment

Remploy Pathways to Positive Future




REDS 10 Ltd Construction Employer Accord


Full details of the lead grant holders and the sub-grantees' rating performance including customer satisfaction results can be found using the following link:

Annual Employability Performance Ratings including London Councils and National Offenders Management Service Ratings are published on the London Datastore.