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European Social Fund (ESF) 2007-2013

The European Social Fund (ESF) improves employment opportunities across the EU.

London has been allocated £410 million as part of the England and Gibraltar ESF 2007–2013 Programme. The ESF programme contributes to sustainable economic growth and social inclusion by extending employment opportunities and developing a skilled and adaptable workforce.

Regional Framework

A Regional Framework has been produced for London which sets out the regional context for the national programme. The development and management of London's ESF Regional Framework is carried out by the GLA.

London governance arrangements

The European Programmes Management Unit (EPMU) at the GLA is responsible for managing the London ESF Programme as an 'Intermediate Body'.

This role is distinct to the GLA Co-financing Organisation (CFO), which is responsible for the distribution of ESF funds at a regional level (co-financed with their own domestic funding).

EPMU works in partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), the ESF 'Managing Authority'. The DWP has overall responsibility for ensuring the Regional Frameworks meet the priorities and targets of the National Operational Programme (OP).

All Co-financing Organisations (CFOs) activity is monitored and approved regionally through the London ESF Committee. Committee meeting minutes can be downloaded at the end of this page.