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Heritage Wardens on site 24/7

There are Heritage Wardens on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Wardens are key ambassadors on the square, providing public information and ensuring public safety. They also act as a key contact for your shoot whilst on site and can provide advice on public access and act as a liaison between the other contractors located on the square.


One of Trafalgar Square’s best kept secrets is the café on the square, which has been designed to be an integral part of the square, and provides visitors with an intimate venue to enjoy a drink and snack in London’s most famous public space. The Squares Management Team can put you in touch with the café management to discuss catering opportunities for your cast and crew also and confirm costs and rates for your production. This is especially useful for shoots with either a large crew or number of extras as the café provides food and drink on site.

If a production needs to bring a catering facility for cast and crew on site they should liaise with the Squares Management Team to assess.

Public toilets

There are public toilet facilities on site open from 8am to 8pm every day on the square. These hours can be extended for early morning shoots at a cost, making it easier and cheaper for you with regards to toilet provision for larger shoots.

Power access

Trafalgar Square has access to power on the square and information is included in the Trafalgar Square Venue Pack, which is available on request and includes power specifications and location of power on the square.

Water access and wet downs

During contractor hours the GLA can provide access to water standpipes and provide wet downs on the space saving on the need to bring water bowsers with the production. This access is dependant on any government policies on water conservation such as hosepipe bans.


The square’s fountains are in operation every day from 8.30am to 11pm barring any maintenance that may be required. Our engineers are on site from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday and two hours per morning at the weekend. The engineers can control the fountains and switch on and off at the touch of a button if needed. The fountains are interconnected and can only be switched off at the same time and not independently of each other. The GLA does not permit colouring or other chemical changes/additions to the water content of the fountains for environmental and safety reasons.


There is parking available on site located on the South West corner of Trafalgar Square and the GLA provides two places for essential vehicles saving the need to park elsewhere and bring equipment to and from the space. For larger shoots where further essential vehicles are needed the Squares Management Team can assess what is possible for the production.