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Making Music Matter

2 March 2010

The Mayor's first music education strategy, Making Music Matter, was launched in March 2010. It established a dedicated music education programme in partnership with a range of key agencies, boroughs, charities and music organisations.

The programme was steered by a board comprising representatives and experts from different parts of the music education sector (orchestras, borough music services, schools and music professionals) and chaired by Karen Brock, Head of Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Service.

The programme improved provision of music education by brokering relationships, conducting research and producing advice for the music education sector. It stimulated new partnership projects benefitting 5,000 young musicians, and led to the creation of the Mayor's Music Fund. It also saw the Mayor's young buskers competition grown to become London's biggest free music festival with over 1,000 hours of live music entertaining 1.8 million people.

Making Music Matter (PDF)

Making Music Matter (RTF)