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What we do

The London Cultural Strategy Group (LCSG) is a high-level advocacy group from the cultural sector who are appointed by the Mayor of London as part of the GLA Act 1999.

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The LCSG's primary role is to develop the Mayor’s Culture Strategy - maintaining and promoting London as a world-class city of culture.

Members represent regional cultural agencies and key institutions across London, acting as the voice of the cultural sector, to monitor and present to the Mayor the ongoing challenges and needs of the sector.

The Group operates as a large body of up to 25 members but in order to pursue specific issues, additional expertise is provided by individuals outside of the Group who are invited to participate in smaller working groups for a time-limited period. These working-groups enable members to incorporate a wider range of views and to respond more flexibly to new issues.

Review of the London Cultural Consortium

The first Cultural Strategy, 'London Cultural Capital - Realising the Potential of a World Class City', was published in 2004. This document advocated that the Group be named the London Cultural Consortium in order to reflect the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) arrangements for the newly established regional consortia in the rest of the UK. However, the structure of the London Cultural Consortium was reviewed due to a number of recent developments including:

  • Changes in political administration, which led to a review of all funding, priorities and strategy in the GLA and the opportunity for the new Mayor to exercise his responsibility to appoint members of the Group to assist in the development of those priorities
  • Announcement by DCMS of the abolition of the regional cultural consortia
  • Increased partnership working across the regional cultural agencies, which required a more established, strategic forum to be effective.

Following this review, the Group was refreshed and renamed the London Cultural Strategy Group. The Mayor would like to see the Group given greater scope to review the Culture Strategy on an ongoing basis.