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Supporting culture in the outer boroughs

We are promoting and supporting culture throughout London.

“We want a London where visitors are lured to the neglected cultural gems of the outer boroughs as efficiently as they are marched through the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern.” Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.

More and more people are participating in London’s cultural activities compared with a decade ago. However, many Londoners, particularly those from the outer boroughs, still do not visit or enjoy the city’s many different cultural venues.

Role of the Outer London Commission

The Mayor has set up the Outer London Commission, which is looking at ways to realise the full economic, social and cultural potential of the outer London boroughs.

We are working hard to ensure that all Londoners can enjoy and participate in culture. For example, through our support for the London Jazz Festival we are encouraging high-quality artists to perform in venues across the capital, rather than just in central London. This needs to be matched by funding at a local level, so we are keen to encourage outer London boroughs to provide more support for their own arts organisations.

Promoting the outer boroughs

We are dedicated to boosting recognition of cultural events and institutions outer London, as well as looking at ways to increase funding. Through events like Story of London, a celebration of the city’s past, present and future which highlights activities throughout London, we can raise awareness of cultural attractions in local communities.

Outer London Commission (external website)