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Offley Works

Question number0033/2010
Meeting date13/01/2010

Question by Valerie Shawcross

Please update me on what the LDA is doing to support the voluntary sector organisations currently using The Offley Works and what is the latest information on the future of the building.

Answer by Harvey McGrath (Chairman) and Peter Rogers (Chief Executive), LDA

The current tenants of Offley Works are Starlight Academy, Code 7 and Furniture Aid and other occupiers who are associated with the first two above. The LDA has continued to substantially subsidise these tenants for the past 2 years. They do not currently pay rent to the LDA. The rates on the premises payable to the London Borough of Lambeth are paid by the LDA as are security and utility costs.

The tenants are due to vacate the premises by May 2010 although to date they have not signed the leases they are required to sign.

The LDA Jobs and Skills team met Starlight Academy to provide advice on relocation and grant application processes, Code 7 have progressed their own arrangements for relocation. There have been several meetings between the above and the LDA’s Estates Team and agents.

The LDA has selected Matching Green Ltd. as its preferred development partner for the redevelopment of the Offley Works site. A development agreement will be signed in January 2010 under which the developer will work with the LDA to prepare a planning application for the restoration and re-use of the buildings as small business units with ancillary residential and community use.

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