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Non-compliant pedestrian crossings (2)

Question number2422/2009
Meeting date09/09/2009

Question by Caroline Pidgeon

In a letter dated the 13th July 2009 (your ref: MGLA270509 - 9778) you stated that "I believe the programme we have in place is a realistic one, as the crossings are indeed safe and I will not be bringing forward the TfL improvement programme at the current time." In your letter you also stated that the non-compliant pedestrian crossings complied with the Department for Transport guidelines that were available at the time they were installed, and the DfT has been unequivocal that the guidelines published prior to 2005 are not unsafe." Please will you (a) publish detailed evidence to prove that these junctions are safe and (b) publish these “unequivocal” statements made by the DfT that the pedestrian crossings are "not unsafe".

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

With regards to my letter to you on 13 July 2009, I have unfortunately discovered that a typographical error in the information provided to me by TfL means the unequivocal assertion that previous traffic signal design guidelines are safe, was from TfL and not the DfT. TfL take account of changes incorporated in new DfT guidance as it is published and consider the implications for signal operations across London, supported by the regular monitoring of accident statistics.

TfL will shortly publish on their website the list of junctions with pedestrian crossings that do not comply with TfL’s current signal design standards, along with the corresponding pedestrian collision rate for each site. TfL will send you the link as soon as it is available.

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