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Question number2151/2009
Meeting date15/07/2009

Question by Dee Doocey

In your press release of the 26th February 2009, numbered 108 on the website, it was stated in the notes to editors: ‘Aimed at tourists and Londoners alike, there will be events and activities in every borough’. Could it be confirmed that events and activities did actually take place in each and every London borough and could a list of every event and activity that took place in each London borough be published?

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

Across the festival there were 520 events in total. In February we had hoped that there would be an event in every London borough and had liaised with all the boroughs about Story of London events. Some Story of London events were in every London Borough like the Poems on the Underground event and the London Libraries Story of London project. There were three borough that did not have discrete Story of London events: These were Barking and Dagenham, Kingston Upon Thames and Hillingdon.

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