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London Fashion Council

Question number0976/2009
Meeting date21/05/2009

Question by Darren Johnson

Would you support changes to the conditions of funding for the British Fashion Council in order to support British shoe manufacturers and encourage designers to work closely with them?

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

The objectives of the funding agreement between the London Development Agency and the British Fashion Council are to support the development of the designer fashion industry, provide business support to London fashion designers and to strengthen and raise the profile of London Fashion Week internationally.

Under the terms of the grant agreement the British Fashion Council is delivering against a series of milestones and activities in order to achieve the project’s objectives. It would not be possible to make significant changes to these at this stage.

There are already a small number of shoe designers who exhibit at London Fashion Week. The LDA will ask the British Fashion Council to brief you on their involvement with shoe designers and explore how they can work further with British shoe manufacturers.

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Darren Johnson