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New Routemaster buses (1)

Question number0462/2009
Meeting date25/02/2009

Question by Valerie Shawcross

What is your estimated financial outlay between 2008- 2012 to bring prototype routemaster buses into use? What budget allocations have been made into TfL Business Plan?

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

The estimated value of the contract to design, develop, trial and deliver the prototypes will be in the order of £3m as stated in the TfL Business Plan. The plan anticipates £1.5m being spent in 2010/11 and £1.5m in 2011/12.

The capital cost of manufacturing the new vehicles will be spread over a sufficient volume of vehicles to make the new bus for London competitive with comparable bus types. This process will be managed through the normal bus route contract process.

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