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Insulation (1)

Question number2666/2008
Meeting date17/12/2008

Question by Darren Johnson

You recently announced spending of £100m over 4 years for insulation of homes. Please can you specify 1) the source(s) of this funding; 2) the timetable for spending; 3) how much of the £100m is additional to previously planned spending on insulation?

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

My budget for 2009/10 will be the first full year of my environmental programme for the Mayoral term. This £100m refers to my overall budget commitment of over £100m over four years on environment and climate change programmes, rather than homes specifically. Further details are set out in answer to question 2656/2008.

Answers to question 2667/2008 and 2668/2008 give further information on a new insulation programme. I believe the aim should be that it is free to Londoners at the point of installation and we are looking at how to do this and will be working up the specifics over the coming months.

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