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Water Leaks

Question number1860/2006
Meeting date13/09/2006

Question by Murad Qureshi

How much water was lost as a result of water leaks in London in each year since 2004?

Answer by Ken Livingstone (2nd Term)

There are four water companies supplying London with its daily water needs. The companies estimate their total leakage (in million litres per day) and report to the regulator on the company wide figure. These are: 2004/05 2005/06

Thames Water 915 894

Three Valleys Water 149 150*

Essex & Suffolk Water 67 69*

Sutton & East Surrey Water 24 25*

* denotes the leakage target which the company has met, but as yet the final figure is not confirmedFinally the companies have estimated that the following proportional of its leakage falls within London:

London proportion of company wide leakage

Thames Water 85%

Three Valleys Water 31%

Essex & Suffolk Water 32%

Sutton & East Surrey Water 41%

(For information: Thames Water supplies 76% of London¿s population, Three Valleys Water 14%, Essex & Suffolk Water 6.6% and Sutton & East Surrey Water 3.7%)

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