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Mayor welcomes appointment of new Met Police Commissioner

12 September 2011

Bernard Hogan-HoweThe Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, today welcomed the appointment of Bernard Hogan-Howe as the new Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

The Mayor made the announcement after interviewing the four final candidates earlier today.

Mayor Boris Johnson said: “Londoners deserve strong and dynamic leadership at the helm of the country’s largest and most industrious police force, and today I’m pleased to welcome the appointment of Bernard Hogan-Howe as the man I believe will deliver the firm, strategic lead our great city needs.

“Public confidence is paramount for any police force and Bernard Hogan-Howe has the impressive track record to restore confidence and crack down on violent crime and disorder. I was particularly impressed by his promise to build a Met that criminals fear, public respect and the police are proud of, with a focus on humility, integrity and transparency. Over recent weeks London has faced immense policing challenges and I truly believe that Bernard Hogan-Howe has the sound expertise to handle critical issues and keep our streets safe.

“It’s no secret that I desired someone who has a clear strategy for tackling gang violence and youth crime and restoring pride in our city. I have every confidence in him and more importantly I believe the public will begin to notice a number of positive changes over the next few months.

“Bernard Hogan-Howe has made it clear that this will be a new more transparent era for the Met, making the police more accountable to the public, and strengthening police and public relationships. “