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Assembly examines post-riot funding
17 March 2014

Is Mayoral funding making a difference in London communities affected by the 2011 riots?

The London Assembly Regeneration Committee will meet tomorrow to continue its review of the Mayor’s Regeneration Fund (MRF).

The Week Ahead
13 March 2014

Public meetings coming up next week:


Tuesday 18 March 2014

Mayor’s Regeneration Fund

Regeneration Committee – 10am in Committee Room 5

Is the Met’s approach to safeguarding London’s children working?
12 March 2014

What are the key priorities in safeguarding children in London? How does the Met approach this work and ensure it works effectively with other agencies to protect children in the capital?

Families missing out in Mayor’s drive for density
12 March 2014

Housing in London is under strain from a growing population and the pressure is set to increase over the coming years.

London Transport heads to be grilled
11 March 2014
The London Assembly Transport Committee will ask the questions Londoners want answers to tomorrow, when they hold a Q & A session with;
· Sir Peter Hendy, Commissioner, TfL; and
Mayor doubles time to clear housing backlog
10 March 2014

The Mayor has opted to clear London’s backlog of housing need over 20 years instead of the 10 years he initially proposed [1], the Planning Committee heard last month from a Greater London Authority Official.

The Week Ahead
7 March 2014

Public meetings and events coming up next week:


Wednesday 12 March

Team Commonwealth Reception

6.30pm in London’s Living Room, City Hall

London’s health care system needs strategic leadership
6 March 2014

The London Assembly Health Committee [1] heard today that strategic leadership is needed to manage health care on a London-wide scale.

Assembly calls for Mayor to create realistic part-time jobs for parents
5 March 2014

The London Assembly has urged the Mayor to create more part-time jobs for parents to balance work with caring responsibilities and meet his manifesto promise “to create 20,000 part-time jobs to help parents return to work”.

Assembly urges Mayor to stop rising level of food poverty
5 March 2014

London is the sixth wealthiest city in the world, but over the past two years the capital has seen a 400 per cent increase in Londoners turning to emergency food aid.

Call time on pub closures, Assembly tells Mayor
5 March 2014

The London Assembly is urging the Mayor to use his planning strategy to give greater protection to pubs in London.

Assembly calls for criteria to define Mayor’s use of planning call-in power
5 March 2014

The London Assembly has called on Mayor Boris Johnson to set out clear criteria to define under what circumstances he will use his power to call-in planning applications to City Hall.

Assembly calls on Mayor to limit excessive basement developments
5 March 2014

A motion agreed unanimously by the London Assembly today calls on Mayor Boris Johnson to take action to limit excessive subterranean development across London.

Assembly calls for action to cut fuel bills for 1.2 million London homes
5 March 2014

The London Assembly today called on Mayor Boris Johnson to press Whitehall to reverse cuts to programmes designed to reduce energy consumption in the capital.

Assembly examines London’s health pressure
5 March 2014

Can London’s health services cope with future demand on resources?