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Assembly stands up for London's tenants
10 September 2014

Assembly Members today urged the Mayor of London to take action to protect London tenants from landlords who fail to meet private rental standards.

Assembly highlights increased Dementia in London
10 September 2014
  • 72,009 people live with dementia in London
  • By 2015 there will be 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK
  • This is set to reach two million by 2051 if no action is taken.
Assembly welcomes 'Renters manifesto'
10 September 2014

The London Assembly today called on the Mayor to respond to the 'Renters manifesto', a new report by Generation Rent that calls for reform of the private rental market.[2] The Assembly also urged the Mayor to consider piloting some of the report recommendations in his Housing

Assembly gives TfL the once-over
9 September 2014

The London Assembly will tomorrow examine the policies and work of Transport for London (TfL).

This will involve questioning;

·         Boris Johnson, Mayor of London and Chairman, TfL and

Would London cope with an EU/UK 'conscious uncoupling'?
8 September 2014

The London Assembly’s Economy Committee will tomorrow examine ‘The Europe Report, a win-win situation’, written by Dr.

One, two, three. How many internships do I really need?
5 September 2014

Are you an intern in London or have you recently completed an internship?

The Week Ahead 8-12 September 2014
4 September 2014
Tuesday 9 September 2014
Examining ‘The Europe Report’
Economy Committee – 3.00pm in Committee Room 3
Living next door to a football stadium?
4 September 2014

Let the Regeneration Committee know what impact a stadium has had, or will have on your local area.

Are the new anti-terror measures enough?
3 September 2014

A Question and Answer session tomorrow, with the Met and the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC), will investigate how the Government’s new anti-terrorism initiatives have been received.  Until recently, Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick was in char

The mental health of young people in London
2 September 2014

Half of lifetime mental illness will start by age 14[2].

Three quarters of children and young people affected go undetected or treated[3].

Where to for the cab industry, guv?
1 September 2014

Tensions between the taxi and private hire trades and Transport for London (TfL) are running very high.  

The Week Ahead 1-5 September 2014
29 August 2014
Tuesday 2 September 2014
Taxi and Private Hire Services 
Transport Committee – 10.00am in Committee Room 5
Clock ticking for Boris to deliver post-riot regeneration
15 August 2014

Three years on from the 2011 riots, the London Assembly has found that of the £70 million Mayor’s Regeneration Fund (MRF) [1] allocated to fund regeneration in areas most affected by the riots, just 16 per cent has so far been spent. [2]

A wake up call for the Mayor as rough sleeping rises
31 July 2014

The number of rough sleepers in London has risen 64 per cent since 2010 and one third were repeat rough sleepers, [1] but beds in homeless accommodation dropped by one quarter between 2011 and 2013. [2]