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Knocking on door-to-door transport problems
11 November 2014

Dial-a-Ride, Taxicard, CapitalCall, Community Transport, NHS Patient Transport Service and Adult Social Services/Children Services transport – which service is travelling in the right direction?

London's Housing Strategy
10 November 2014
The London Assembly Housing Committee will tomorrow examine progress on the delivery of the Mayor’s Housing strategy.
The Week Ahead 10-14 November 2014
7 November 2014
Tuesday 11 November
Mayor’s Housing Strategy
Housing Committee – 10:00am in Committee Room 5
London’s war dead remembered
6 November 2014

The Greater London Authority (GLA) will hold its Annual Service of Remembrance for London’s war dead in the Chamber at City Hall tomorrow from 10.30am.

London Living Wage should be the norm
5 November 2014
The London Assembly has called on Mayor Boris Johnson to increase the take up of the London Living Wage amongst employers and if this doesn’t improve the numbers the Mayor should make the case to Government for making the London Living Wage a statutory requirement. 
Assembly calls on Mayor to rethink approach to tall buildings
5 November 2014
The London Assembly has called on the Mayor to rethink his approach to tall buildings on London’s skyline.
A motion agreed today [1] concludes that to protect London’s skyline the Mayor should carry out a number of actions:
Assembly backs calls for Nature and Wellbeing Act
5 November 2014

The London Assembly has thrown its support behind calls for a Nature and Wellbeing Act for England to reverse the decline in the quantity and quality of natural habitats for the country’s flora and fauna.

Assembly says no to fracking
5 November 2014

A motion agreed today[1] concludes that the Mayor needs to do much more to tackle London’s environmental challenges, including:

Assembly backs re-introduction of pedestrian only days on Oxford Street
5 November 2014

The London Assembly has called on Mayor Boris Johnson to support the re-introduction of pedestrian only days on Oxford Street amid evidence of rising collisions between pedestrians and buses, and start work on options to improve safety and cut pollution on Oxford Street.

In London - breathing can kill you
5 November 2014

4,300 people a year in London are dying prematurely as a result of air pollution.

Fire questions at City Hall
4 November 2014

London Assembly Members will tomorrow question the Chairman of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA), James Cleverly AM, and the Commissioner for Fire and Emergency Planning, Ron Dobson CBE QFSM, on the policies and work of LFEPA.

London - living in Cash 22?
3 November 2014

London is the UK’s most over-indebted region[1] but is enough being done to address the problem?

The Week Ahead 3-7 November 2014
31 October 2014


Tuesday 4 November
Personal problem debt
Economy Committee – 10:00am in Committee Room 5

Will climate change sink London businesses?
23 October 2014

When severe weather events, like hurricanes and floods hit overseas, the knock-on effects can adversely impact London’s supply chains.

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are potentially the most vulnerable, but many are unaware of the possible scale of disruption.

‘Bad’ Bombardier should have been made to pay
23 October 2014

The London Assembly Transport Committee regularly checks on TfL's progress in updating and improving the Tube. These are its latest findings.