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News from Caroline Pidgeon: Mayor admits bus capacity is being cut on key bus routes across London

17 November 2011

Boris Johnson has admitted that from this weekend capacity will be cut back on the 436 bus route, a key route which runs from Lewisham through Southwark and Lambeth and onto Paddington. A reduction in capacity is likely to mean more crowded buses as people travel on smaller sized vehicles.

Following questioning from Caroline Pidgeon, the leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group at

Caroline Pidgeon said:

"The key issue is not whether bendy buses are good or bad, but simply whether people can get on a bus. The Mayor promised to get rid of bendy buses - he didn’t promise to make bus journeys more crowded.

"At a time when bus ridership figures are at a 50 year high, and almost certain to rise even further, it is appalling that big cuts in bus capacity are taking place. Smaller, crowded buses will make it especially difficult for people with buggies or wheelchair users to use the routes.

"I got the Mayor to agree that he would ensure bus capacity is reviewed on every former bendy bus route. But unless he does this quickly, tens of thousands of passengers are set to face even more crowded buses as they struggle to get to work, school, college or go about their daily lives."

Wednesday's Mayor Question Time the Mayor accepted that at all times of the day there would be less capacity on the route. The Mayor conceded that reductions in capacity have also taken place on some other bus routes.