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News from Jennette Arnold - NFL Olympic Stadium “an act of desperation”

31 October 2012

North East London Assembly Member Jennette Arnold today described the proposals for American NFL teams to be the anchor tenant for the Olympic Stadium as “an act of desperation”. Jennette Arnold, who represents Olympic boroughs Hackney and Waltham Forest on the London Assembly has written to the Mayor urging him to focus his efforts on finding a tenant who local residents would want to go and watch.

Labour Assembly Member Jennette Arnold believes that having an NFL team would mean a lost opportunity to engage local residents in the post-Olympics regeneration of the area and would tacitly confirm that the stadium had become a 'white elephant'.

Local Assembly Member Jennette Arnold said:

“I’ve got nothing against American football but this proposal is not a long-term solution, just a quick-fix by the Mayor. This doesn’t fit with the legacy as was promised to local residents.

“The Mayor needs to work with bidders who have a track record of sustainability. If the Mayor forces the NFL on East London I am worried that it will alienate residents and will confirm that the ideas for the stadium, as a venue for the local community, have finally fizzled out.”