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News from Darren Johnson AM: No money for over 80 safer junctions on Mayor’s top list

26 February 2014

The London Mayor’s plans for safer junctions appear to leave over 80 of the junctions on his priority list of the top 100 junctions untreated by 2022. These junctions account for 167 cyclists killed or seriously injured in the five years between 2008 and 2012, according to figures compiled by Darren Johnson.

The plans issued by the Mayor use all of the money in the ten year budget which is allocated for cycling superhighways and safer junctions. The 33 include many of the most dangerous junctions, but also 12 junctions which are not on the top 100 junctions targeted for further work by Transport for London in 2011.

Darren Johnson commented,

"It will be good to see work finally beginning to make junctions safer for cycling and walking, but do we really want to see another decade of casualties and deaths at the vast majority of junctions which are being ignored by this announcement? If there were three or more deaths or serious injuries at a junction in a five year period, then it is very likely that there will be more in the years to come. The Mayor needs to increase the cycling budget well beyond the inadequate funds currently available and target all of London’s casualty hotspots.”


Darren Johnson AM is available for comment

Transport for London’s list of 100 junctions they originally aimed to review is available at

Junctions on the TfL 100 list which are not being dealt with and have had more than 3 cyclists killed or seriously injured 2008-2012 appear to include:

  • Southwark Bridge Road /Marshalsea Road 4 KSIs
  • Vauxhall Bridge Road/Millbank/Grosvenor Road 11 KSIs
  • Ludgate Circus 6 KSIs
  • Kennington Road/Clever Street 3 KSIs
  • Horseferry Road (TH) 4 KSIs
  • Euston Circus 9 KSIs
  • Dalston Junction 3 KSIs
  • Deptford Broadway/Deals Gateway 5 KSIs
  • Battersea Park Road/Latchmere 5 KSIs
  • Cable Street 6 KSIs
  • Clapham Common South Side 9 KSIs
  • Hyde Park (NW) Corner 8 KSIs

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