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News from Jenny Jones: Lower rents and more security needed to stop rise in homelessness

8 March 2012

Abstract: Government figures show a rise of 36% in the number of people becoming homeless in London in the last quarter of 2011 compared with the same period in 2010.

The Mayor needs to work with the Government to institute reforms to private rented housing in the light of Government figures released today, which show a 36% increase in the number of people becoming homeless in London, comparing the last quarters of 2011 and 2010. This follows a London Assembly report into the condition of private rented housing, which recommended that tenants are offered more secure tenancy agreements.

Jenny Jones commented,

“This rise in homelessness is unsurprising and depressing, but completely avoidable. One fifth of people became homeless just because their insecure tenancy ended, another fifth because they have had to move out of their parents’ home into the incredibly expensive rental market. With housing benefit cuts now biting deep into people’s incomes, this is only going to get worse.

“The Mayor needs to work with Government to rethink the current approach to private rented housing, to offer protection for people by legislating for more secure tenancy agreements and to reduce the benefit bill by reducing rents instead of reducing the number of homes people can afford to rent.”


Notes to editors

Homelessness acceptances in Q4 of 2011 stood at 3,460, up 36% compared to Q4 of 2010. Across England the two biggest reasons were: 19% of homelessness acceptances due to “end of assured shorthold tenancy”, and 19% due to “parents no longer able/willing to provide accommodation”.

The new figures can be found on the Communities and Local Government web site:



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