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News from Andrew Boff: Stratford International is white elephant, says Boff

26 May 2010

London Assembly member, Andrew Boff, has condemned a decision not to run international rail services from Stratford International station.

Commenting after the BBC published minutes of a Department for Transport meeting with cross-Channel high-speed rail operator, Eurostar, revealing it has no plans to stop trains at the £210million station at any time before the Olympics and no firm plans to do so after, Mr Boff said:

“As it stands Stratford International station is a complete white elephant. Two hundred and ten million pounds of tax payers’ money was pumped into this scheme with the expressed intention that international rail services would stop there – but today we’ve learned that they won’t.

“Was any undertaking on Eurostar’s part ever given to do so? If it was, why are the company not being held to its agreement? If it wasn’t why was the station built?

“At a time when questions are being raised about the future of other London rail projects – it seems absolutely criminal to have poured millions into this stop, call it an international station, build it to accommodate international trains – but then have no international trains stop there.

“German and French high-speed rail operators are investigating running trains to London. A commitment must be sought from them that as a condition of the right to run services to London, some of their trains stop at Stratford International.”