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Live Mayoral webcasts

Links for webcasts are provided in advance of the start of events, but do not become live until shortly before transmission.

Webcasts normally play using Windows Media Player.

Mac OS users: please install the free VLC Player to be able to view the webcasts. Please note that the VLC Player is not suitable for iPad.

To view the meeting papers for the TfL board meetings, please visit the Transport for London (TfL) website.

To view the meeting papers for the LFEPA meetings, please visit the London Fire Brigade (LFB) website.

To view OPDC papers, please visit the OPDC section of

Archived Mayoral webcasts

Archived webcasts are normally made available within a couple of hours of the end of the event or meeting.

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Archived Mayoral webcasts are normally kept for six months.

Meetings of the London Assembly

Details of webcasts of meetings of the London Assembly and its committees, including Mayor's Question Time, are available in the London Assembly section of this website.