Mayoral decisions

23 May 2014

The Mayor has a statutory duty to hold public consultation events; develop and promote London as a destination and gateway for the UK; and promote social development in London.  Events have a profound potential to bring economic and social benefits to London, and can raise the city’s profile in...

23 May 2014

To update on the progress with the Lewisham Gateway scheme including potentially securing Get Britain Building funding allocation of £14.2m.

This paper also outlines the emerging changes to the scheme documentation that are required as a consequence of the additional funding being i...

16 May 2014

 The current Mayor’s Housing Covenant programmes are expected to deliver almost 10,000 affordable homes in London through the allocation of £255m of grant to more than 60 investment partners. The existing programmes were allocated to in 2013 and the homes will complete by March 2017, with the ma...

12 May 2014

This decision form sets out a proposal to provide financial recognition of the efforts of the family of Daniel Morgan in bringing to light the failings of the Metropolitan Police Service following Daniel Morgan’s murder in 1987.

9 May 2014

Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) are state-sponsored, employer-led organisations that cover specific economic sectors in the United Kingdom and are licensed by the...

9 May 2014

The Mayor’s approval is sought for the GLA’s Business Plan for 2014-15 to 2015-16, incorporating the GLA Budget for 2014-15. Decisions relating to the GLA budget for 2014-15 include a delegation to agree GLA carry forwards from 2013-14 to future years and an updated schedule of GLA f...

7 May 2014

By virtue of the Localism Act 2011 from 1 April 2012 the Homes and Communities Agency’s (”HCA”) powers to operate in Greater London will end and from that date the Greater London Authority (“GLA”) will undertake the HCA’s former role in the Capital.

2 May 2014

The statutory accounts for year ending July 2013 are to be filed for Barking Riverside Limited – a joint venture company of which GLA Land and Property Limited is a shareholder along with Bellway Homes Limited.

In order to complete the accounts, the company’s auditors, KPMG, require each...

2 May 2014

Team London is the Mayor’s programme to drive volunteering in the capital.    This MD sets out how the  £580,000 programme budget and £100,000 from the central programme budget secured for 2014-15 will be used to further support the activities set out in MD1177 and MD1304.

2 May 2014

The London Development Agency (LDA) made a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) in 2004 to assemble and acquire land in multiple ownerships as part of its Wembley Regeneration project.  The LDA compulsorily acquired Network Rail’s (NR) freehold interest in the land. NR has...