Mayoral decisions

27 February 2013

Approvals of £78.4m of initial allocations, delivering 3,026 homes, for the Mayor’s Housing Covenant – homes for working Londoners programme.

26 February 2013

On 20 December the GLA published a funding prospectus for the Build to Rent Fund, jointly with the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).

25 February 2013

The Mayor's final draft budget was considered at the meeting of the London Assembly held on 25 February 2013.  The Assembly made no amendment to this and it therefore becomes the Greater London Authority's (GLA’s) consolidated budget for the next financial year. Approval of the final draft budge...

21 February 2013

After the success of UEFA Champions League Final in London, 2011, UEFA has chosen London again to host the 2013 Champions League Final at Wembley (25 May), the UEFA Champions League Women’s Final (23 May) (‘Finals’) and the Champions Festival at the International Quarter, Westfield Stratford. Th...

21 February 2013

This MD seeks approval for the nomination, by the Mayor’s Academies Limited, of a director to the board of the London Academies Enterprise Trust (LAET). The role of LAET is to have oversight of the general direction, vision, and values of all the academies established under the Mayor’s Academies...

21 February 2013

The increasing number of Londoners who are overweight or obese is a serious threat to the prosperity and health of London.  Ambitious, coordinated action will be required if London is successfully to tackle the issue, with contributions from NHS, local Government, communities and the private sec...

14 February 2013

Capital Clean-up (CCU) is the Mayor’s programme to encourage communities and boroughs to clean up unsightly areas. Capital Clean-up 12/13 will be launching a 2013 ‘Spring Clean’ Campaign.


14 February 2013

The decision is to agree to allocate £97,000 to the City Fringe Opportunity Area Planning Framework (OAPF).  This funding is broken down as £45,000 from the Planning Smoothing Reserve and £52,000 from the 2012/13 Regeneration programme budget.

The Greater London Authority (GLA) seeks to w...

14 February 2013

The Crystal Palace Leisure Management contract was transferred over from the LDA to GLAP. The £70,000 compensation that is owed to the leisure management contractor (GLL) is the annual loss of income for 2012/13, which is a result of GLAP co’s differing VAT status. 

13 February 2013

Agreement to procure and commission a consultancy study to assess the scale and nature of consumer expenditure in London for comparison goods, convenience goods, and other expenditure including leisure to the year 2036. It will focus on strategic requirements for comparison goods retail floorspa...