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Mayoral decisions

3 August 2015

The toilets on Trafalgar Square are open 7 days per week, only closing on Christmas Day, and they operate from 9am to 8pm.  The cost of managing this facility is £149k per annum plus additional costs for repairs, which in the last year has been around £2k. 

3 August 2015

Designation of Tottenham; Heart of Harrow; Southall; New Bermondsey; Hounslow Town Centre; Barking Town Centre; Plumstead; Abbey Wood & South Thamesmead; and Clapham Junction & Battersea Riverside as Housing Zones. Alongside the designation, the Mayor indicatively allocates up to £...

24 July 2015

A partnership between the GLA and Mastodon C (a respected London-based Big Data SME) has received a grant of £2m including VAT (£1.6m excluding VAT) from the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills for work on a system for modellers and policy makers. This Mayoral decision seeks to appro...

23 July 2015

Team London is the Mayor’s programme to encourage volunteering in the capital. This MD sets out how the £502,000 allocated in  the GLA’s budget setting process, and the £100,000 secured from the C&I Directorate’s minor programmes budget will be used to further support Team London’s programme...

23 July 2015

In March 2012, the Department for Communities and Local Government launched the Right to Buy one for one replacement scheme.  London receipts not used locally by the boroughs are returned to DCLG and, in turn, transferred to the GLA for allocation to housing providers to deliver housing for affo...

22 July 2015

This request seeks authorisation to undertake a public consultation on the draft proposals for a new system for the 32 London boroughs and the City of London to manage London’s local air quality. These changes are being proposed using statutory powers given to the Mayor under Part IV of the Envi...

17 July 2015

The Mayor is directing the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA) to enter into a facilities management shared service.

10 July 2015

The statutory accounts for year ending July 2014 are to be filed for Barking Riverside Limited – a joint venture company of which GLA Land and Property Limited is a shareholder along with Bellway Homes Limited.

In order to complete the accounts, the company’s auditors, KPMG, require each...

10 July 2015

At its meeting on the 25 June 2015, the Board of the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (“Corporation” or “OPDC”) agreed a proposal for establishing a staffing structure for the OPDC to deliver its immediate priorities, and put in place the foundations for the long-term regeneration...

3 July 2015

Planning Fees and Charges were last reviewed in summer 2014 and increased from the initial standard charge of £4,000 per request to £5,000 (approved under MD1376). The new charges were formally published and implemented 1st September 2014.