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Preparing yourself

The London Resilience Partnership works hard to ensure London is a safe place and we are prepared to respond to major emergencies, but when a disaster does happen, resources have to be focused on helping the most vulnerable people.  By being prepared, you can help look after yourself, your family, colleagues and neighbours, leaving us free to look after those who most need our help.

We’ve put together information on the emergencies we could face as Londoners and important advice on how you can prepare for emergencies, and what to do if an incident affects you.

Understanding risks

Understanding what hazards and threats we may face in London can help us understand what we need to prepare for.  Explore our London Risk Register to find out what emergencies may affect London and what you can do to prepare yourself.

Preparing for emergencies: Find out more about what you can do to plan and prepare for emergencies.

Responding to emergencies: Information and advice on what to do in an emergency.

Recovering from emergencies: Have you been involved in an emergency?  Look at our information and advice on recovering from emergencies.