London Resilience

London is generally a very safe place – however there are a number of hazards and threats that could impact the city, and the people and businesses based here. This includes outbreaks of infectious disease, extreme weather and terrorism. In the London Resilience Partnership, we want to make sure that if a major emergency does affect the capital, we are ready to respond and work together to help minimise any impacts.

Tower Bridge and City Hall at Christmas
Overview of My Week Our Duty Officer Update is slightly delayed this week as we've been working with colleagues at London Heathrow Airport to confirm what impact the NATS incident is causing. We understand from Heathrow that the impact is being proactively managed but they urge anyone who is planning to fly this afternoon to check with their airline for details of any disruption. Take a look at our Storify on this incident. More
Image of an emergency kit
Help look after yourself, your family, colleagues and neighbours during major emergencies. More
Preparing your business for emergencies
Plan to ensure that your business can return to "business as usual" quickly after a major disruption. More
Preparing London
There are more than 170 organisations in the London Resilience Partnership, who are all ready to respond and work together to help minimise the impacts of a major... More